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Hamdard National Foundation
An NGO for Social Welfare
Hamdard stays true to its passion & commitment of healthcare with the welfare of the society. An exemplary and unique business model, Hamdard ploughs back a significant chunk of its profits into charity and CSR.

A testimony to this is the Jamia Hamdard University. It is one of the most respected & reputed universities in the fields of Pharmacy and Unani Medicine. With initiatives like Hamdard Education Society and Business Employment Bureau, Hamdard is supporting education for girls and preparing economically weaker sections for self sustained employment. There’s even the Ghalib Academy to promote Urdu Literature across various platforms. All this, to make the society a better place for its people.

About Us CSR

Unani Medicine
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About Us Csr
Hamdard National Foundation, its Objectives and Functions:

Hamdard spends close to 85% of its revenues in the pursuance of noble objectives, established by Late Hakeem Abdul Hameed Sahib. However, our activities in the organization are entirely secular and for the benefit of the nation as a whole.

The focus areas for Hamdard's CSR programs are Education, Environment apart from Health obviously. The choice of education as a theme flows from Hamdard being in the knowledge domain. Similarly, attention to the cause of health acknowledges that it is a vital precondition for promoting social good.

Our corporate sustainability touches millions of lives in the society. The approach to our business makes sure that the wealth we have created is continuously returned to the people through our community initiatives to all persons irrespective of caste, color or creed. Our initiative spans key areas such as education, health & medical relief and is provided to those in need, financial assistance/donation is afforded to widows, orphans, victims of unforeseen calamities and scholarships are granted to deserving students.

The Late Janab Hakeem Abdul Hameed was an eminent scholar of Unani Medicine, a dynamic visionary, renowned patron of modern education, a very humble social activist, a dedicated philanthropist and above all a great human being. He was consistently active throughout his life and did his best to create an awakening regarding health-care and education among depressed people belonging to the weaker section of the society. He was greatly inspired by the Indianised Islamic Concept of Charity and had an intense desire to work for development and progress of educationally backward communities and emancipation and empowerment of women. His initiatives to conserve, sustain and renew the environment, to encourage sustainable socio-economic development of the community and to improve the quality of life of the people is still practiced to date.

He also wanted to help the students belonging to underprivileged section of the society irrespective of their caste, color, creed or religion. It is with this objective in view that he created Hamdard National Foundation in 1962.He believed in the old adage: “True equality is the only true morality, true wisdom or true justice".

In pursuance of the purposes of the Hamdard National Foundation, Janab Hakeem Abdul Hameed Sahib during his lifetime had set up 25 Institutions in different fields of activities ranging from health care and medicine to education, Islamic Culture and Indian Civilization.

He also established Majeedia Hospital that provides the facility of medical treatment to the patients in both the Unani and Modern Medical System. In 1989 many of these Institutions were coalesced into “Jamia Hamdard” which was recognized as “Deemed to be a University” by the University Grant Commission. During the period of last 22 years of its existence, Jamia Hamdard contributed a lot to the field of education. Besides excelling in teaching and research in the areas of Unani Medicine, Pharmacy, Biosciences, Jamia Hamdard successfully developed the Faculties of Management Studies and Information Technology, Islamic Studies and Social Sciences, Allied Health Sciences and Nursing. In appreciation of the meritorious contributions made by Jamia Hamdard in the field of Professional and Technical Education and Scientific Research, Jamia Hamdard was regarded an Educational Institution of excellence and objectivity. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) an Autonomous Body set up by the University Grant Commission Accredited it in “A” Grade in 2003. During the last BJP Govt. the Ministry of Human Resource Development Govt. of India also appreciated Jamia Hamdard and declared it a Religious Minority Institution established and administered under Article 30(1) of the Constitution of India.

  • Jamia

    (Hamdard University)

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Jamia Hamdard

This University came into being in year 1989, on a campus of 90-Acre Land which was purchased from the Income of Hamdard and huge amount had been spent on infrastructure for its establishment.

In view of high standards of teaching in the Hamdard Collage of Pharmacy, Hamdard Tibbi Collage, Rufaida Collage of Nursing and published work of Indian Institute of History of Medicine and Medical Research, Indian Institute of Islamic Studies, Declared Jamia Hamdard as “Deemed to be a University” on the recommendation of the University grants commission as it was considered an Institution which has excelled in a specific area of knowledge.

The University Inaugurated by the then Prime Minister of India, Shree Rajiv Gandhi who addressed a large gathering of students, teachers and members of Jamia Hamdard Society on August 1, 1989. He delivered a very inspiring inaugural address and applauded the efforts of Hakeem Abdul Hameed for setting up a number of Institution of learning, which finally a merged in the form of present University “He said this will enable the minority to go forward and help to march forward” it’s a large Educational Institution with a difference due to its excellent work Culture. The University expects its students and teachers to be highly discipline, motivated and committed to hard work so that they contribute maximum to Jamia Hamdard. The University concentrates on Professional and Technical courses, which equip the students to get placement in the highly competitive job market in the country and abroad.

The Institutions established by him include :

  • Institute of History of Medicine & Medical Research (1962)
  • Indian Institute of Islamic Studies (1963)
  • Hamdard College of Pharmacy (1972)
  • Hamdard Tibbi College (1973)
  • Centre for Advanced Socio-Legal Studies (1980)
  • Hamdard National Foundation (1982)
  • Rufaida Nursing School (1984)
  • Centre of South Asian Studies (1990)
  • Hamdard Institute of Historical Research (1990)
  • Center for Federal Studies (1991)
  • Center for Federal Studies (1991)
  • Hamdard Archives & Research Centre (1993)

The total expenditure of these Institutions is funded by Hamdard National Foundation.

  • Faculties for

    There are seven faculties in the University that comprise several departments and centers, these faculties are as follows:

  • Allied Health

    PhD Programme : Allied Health Sciences, Master

    Programmes : Physiotherapy (MPT), Occupational Therapy (MOT)

    Bachelor Programmes : Physiotherapy (BPT), Occupational Therapy (BOT), Bsc Optometric Practices, Medical Laboratory Techniques (BMLT)

    Diploma Programmes : X-ray & ECG Techniques, Operation Theatre Techniques, Dialysis Techniques, Medical Record Techniques (DMRT), New Economy Skills, Ophthalmic OT Techniques

    Certificate Course : Ward Attendant

  • Islamic Studies
    and Social Sciences

    PhD Programme : Islamic Studies, Federal Studies

    Master Programmes : Federal Studies (M.Phil), Islamic Studies (MA)

  • Management Studies and
    Information Technology

    PhD Programmes : Computer Sciences, Management

    Master Programmes : Business Administration (MBA), MBA (Health, Hospital & Pharmaceutical Management), Computer Application (MCA), Computer Sciences

    Bachelor Programmes : Computer Application (BCA),

  • Medicine

    MD (Unani) Programmes : Ilmul Advia, Moalejat and Taaffuzi-wa-Samaji Tib

    Bachelor Programme : Kamil-eTib-O-Jarahat (BUMS), Pre-Tib

    Certificate Course : Attar, Unani Medicine

  • Directorate of Open &
    Distance Learning

    MA Islamic Studies, BCA, BSc IT, BBA, PG Diploma :
    Bio Informatics, Dietetics and Therapeutis Nutrition, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs, Muslim Personnel Law, Environmental Monitoring and Impact Assessment etc.

  • Pharmacy

    PhD Programmes : Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry and Pharmaceutical Medicine

    Master Programmes : Pharmacy (M Pharm) Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Pharmacy Practice and Quality Assurance

    Bachelor Programmes : Pharmacy (B Pharm), B Pharm (Unani)

    Diploma Programme : Pharmacy (D Pharm), D Pharm (Unani)

  • Science

    PhD Programmes : Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry and Toxicology

    Master Programmes : Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Chemistry (Industrial Applications), Botany (Environmental Botany) and Toxicology.

  • Nursing

    Bachelor Programme : BSc (Hons.) Nursing

    Diploma Programme : General Nursing and Midwifery (DGNM)

The University has an excellent academic atmosphere. The entire infrastructure has been developed by HNF.
Modern courses which are professional, Technical and job oriented attracting students from all communities and from all over India are being imparted. The Teaching staff also consists of members from different communities. Admissions and appointments are made without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, color, religion or region. There are excellent examination results and appropriate opportunities available for placement of students.

Every Year huge Funds as financial assistance are being provided to the University by Hamdard to meet its Recurring & Non Recurring Expenses.

Hamdard Education Society, an umbrella organization for development of education was established in the year 1981. The founder President of society had initiated diverse activities for the educational upliftment of young boys and girls for grooming them in leadership roles. The most important activity of HES is the establishment of Talimabad which consists of four units, namely:

Hamdard Education Society

  • Rabea Girl's School (1973)
  • Hamdard Study Circle (1992)
  • Hamdard Study Circle (1992)
  • Hamdard Public School (1993)
  • Hamdard Primary School (1981)

The total expenditure of these Institutions is funded by Hamdard National Foundation.

Huge amount was spent to develop the campus. The following units are located on the campus. Talimabad, were the school, the Hostels, and other Buildings are situated was developed on 14 Acre Plot in Sangam Vihar in South Delhi it has one of the most well-laid out complexes with beautiful modern buildings, a wast open spaces and playgrounds etc. the entire infrastructure was developed through funding by HNF. Hamdard Education Society runs all the institutes established herein. During the financial year 2008-09 a sum of ` 2, 71, 58,331/- was provided to HES as Grant-in-Aid by HNF.

Hamdard Public School

It was established to provide education from Pre Primary to Senior Secondary (10+2) Level. Members of all the communities without consideration of any caste, creed or color are benefited. The members of the teaching and non teaching staff comprise of highly educated and competent persons recruited from different communities without consideration of any caste, creed or religion. The school is design to contain all the educational facilities (in three Streams of studies i.e) Science, Commerce and Humanities required for bringing out the full potential of the students and train his mind to analysis situation and problems. The quality of teaching, sports and extra-curricular activities contribute to a very health academic atmosphere at the campus.

Hamdard Study Circle

The Hamdard Study Circle started functioning from March 1992. This is first coaching centre in the country with full infrastructure including hostel facilities. The study circle complex has library a cum reading room, class rum for lectures and group discussions, a conference room, directors rooms and office, a hostel comprising 50 furnished single bedded rooms, a dining hall, kitchen and recreation room besides reception hall. The entire complex has been raised through funding from HNF. This institution is also being run on the campus to provide coaching to the students from all communities, who come from all over India to appear at the I.A.S. Examination which is conducted by U.P.S.C every year. Many students of each community were benefited and declared successful in all the previous years.

Hamdard Coaching Centre

This Centre is as also located on the campus and engaged to impart coaching to the students preparing for Entrance Test in Medical and Engineering under various schemes of the Govt. of India. Admission is open to all the communities without consideration of any caste, creed or religion. Huge Funds as financial assistance are being provided every year to the Hamdard Education Society to run the affairs of these Institutions.

Majeedia Hospital

It was established on the campus of Jamia Hamdard New Delhi to cater to the needs of the society in Health sector. The patients of all the communities are benefited by this Hospital. Allopathic & Unani Medicines are provided free of cost to the poor people.

Majeedia Hospital is a unique blend of Modern and Unani System of Medicine. It has consultants of Medicine, Surgery, Gynae & Obstetrics, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, ENT and Dental Surgery. Super-Specialty Facilities are available in different fields of surgery and Medicine. Hospital has the round o’clock Emergency and pharmacy services. Students teachers and patients from all over Delhi are benefited as Medical services are available to them round the clock.

Medical Collage and Hospital at Burhanpur (M.P)

It was established with huge Funds of Hamdard to provide Medical Education to the students of all communities without consideration of caste, creed or religion. Hospital is catering to the needs of people of every walk of life, specially poor people of region.

Besides above, financial assistance is being provided to various Educational Institutions/Hospitals run by N.G.Os of different communities all over the country for the benefit of patients of cancer, T.B and other chronic daisies.

Hamdard Merit-Cum-Need/Means Scholarship/Financial Assistance Scheme for the year 2008-09

Under a special scheme of Hamdard Scholarships/Financial Assistance is being provided to the deserving students of every community. Large Number of Non-Muslims are also benefited. Applications for the grant of Scholarship/Financial Assistant are invited from students of Professional and Technical Courses from all over India. In the year 2008-09 about 1,500 applications were received. After scrutiny, 644 applicants of different courses were granted Scholarship on the basis of merit cum need. A sum of 23, 88,000/- was paid as Scholarship money to these students.

Scheme of donation and free distribution of Blankets and Jerseys to the poor and needy people and students during 2008-09

Hamdard National Foundation distributes Blankets and Jerseys to the needy people and students in order to provide them some relief from severe cold during winter season. During the financial 2008-09, 4000 Blankets worth 5, 98,688/- were distributed among the poor people living in slum areas, jhuggi, jhopri, clusters in different parts of Delhi. 1,067 Jerseys worth 1, 66,725/- were provided to 1067 poor students of 11 schools.

Prime Ministers Relief Fund

5, 00,000/- were donated to Prime Minister Relief Fund during 2008-09 for the benefit of the needy people affected by Natural calamities.

Grant-in-Aid to Tibbi Conference

All India Unani Tibbi Conference is an Institution looking after the development of Unani System of Medicine. It holds seminars and All India Conference in order to highlight the importance and benefits of Unani System of Medicine. This Institution was founded by Late Hakeem Ajaml Khan Sahib, a reputed Hakeem and freedom fighter which after his death was taken over by Late Hakeem Abdul Hameed. It is being funded by Hamdard National Foundation. During 2008-09 a sum 2,60,000/- was provided by HNF to Tibbi Conference as Grant-in-Aid.

Financial Assistance to Business & Employment Bureau(BEB)

Business & Employment Bureau is an Institution which provides coaching to the poor students of classes IXth to XIIth. It also conducts a Job Oriented course in office Management, Computers, Shorthand and Typewriting etc. it also provides placement facilities for the qualified students. This institution is also funded by Hamdard National Foundation.