RoohAfza Lite

Now enjoy the same taste without worries. RoohAfza Lite is a thirst quencher and a great additive for mocktails and desserts. Besides cooling, it is also nutritional and maintains as well as adjusts the body’s water level.

•       RoohAfza LITE Contains less calories compared to market available Sharbats.

•       RoohAfza LITE has Zero Added Sugar.

•       RoohAfza LITE is high in Dietary Fiber.  FOS (Fructo-Oligo Saccharide): A Prebiotic Dietary Fiber:

•       Prebiotics supports the growth of healthy bacteria (bifidobacteria, lactobaccillus) in the intestinal microflora, whichImproves the gut health,

•       Improves absorption of minerals like magnesium and calcium leading to improved bone density & Better immunity,

•       Good for cardiac health and Supports weight management.

•       Maltitol may have a laxative effect, do read the label for details.

•       Safe for Diabetics, Ideal for Weight Watchers & Health Conscious people.

•       Available in 2 sizes of 750ml & 250ml at Rs. 350 & Rs. 125 respectively.



Product MRP (INR)
Rooh Afza Lite 750ML 350
Rooh Afza Lite 250ML 125


  • Roohafza Lite
  • Roohafza Lite


  • Roohafza Lite

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RoohAfza Lite

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