Hamdard Glucose-D

From the trusted house of Hamdard, we bring you the newest addition, Hamdard Glucose-D. It's ideal for young and growing children as well as athletes as it helps their bodies replenish essential body salts, minerals and vitamins. It not only helps to fight fatigue but also refreshes and revitalises the body.

- With goodness of Vitamin D2 and Zinc

- With extra Calcium and Phosphorus

- Glucose for instant energy

- Exciting Orange flavour and delicious regular flavour

Get your instant energy recharge.

Regular flavour: 125g | 250g | 500g |1Kg. 

Orange flavour: 125g | 500g | 1Kg.

Product MRP (INR)
Hamdard Glucose D Regular (75+50 GM) 30
Hamdard Glucose D Regular (200+50 GM) 60
Hamdard Glucose D Regular (400+100 GM) 116
Hamdard Glucose D Regular (800+200 GM) 210
Hamdard Glucose D Orange (75+50 GM) 45
Hamdard Glucose D Orange (400+100 GM) 172
Hamdard Glucose D Orange 800+200GM 340
Glucose D Orange 800+200GM (Sipper Free) 340
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  • Glucose D
  • Glucose D


  • Glucose D

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Introducing Hamdard Glucose-D | Get Your Instant Energy Recharge

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